Meet the Valdorf

Meet the Valdorf

Valdorf is a brand created by a family-owned company that dates back to the mid-1980s under the name Evita.

Headed by the Smoderek family, the company has for decades strengthened its position on the Polish market, basing on high quality handmade headwear produced exclusively in Poland at a manufactory near Warsaw.

Today, seeking new challenges and aware that the quality offered by the company not only does not differ from but often surpasses that of foreign competitors, Evita is opening up to new markets by offering a line of top quality products under the Valdorf brand.

Ewa and Jarek

It all started with a small fashion studio in the center of Warsaw, which was waking up from communist lethargy. 

The founders of the company were Ewa and Jarek, who used the money they had saved to take over a modest boutique and small studio, where they began to develop and modernize production with the help of their family. 

Over nearly four decades, the experience they gained allowed them to develop a production strategy that met the needs of the Polish market and placed them among the top Polish headwear manufacturers. 


Today, Mariusz, the son of the company's founders, introduces the spirit of modernity and develops the company's operations while preserving the best traditions and standards developed over the years by his parents. 

Valdorf focuses on classic elegance and quality.

The Valdorf is a leading brand of our wide range of products. Hats bearing the logo with a crane are all about the highest quality wool, high standards of quality handmade under the guidance of the company's owners, and classic style and elegance. 


Valdorf are hats for all occasions, offering elegance, chic, and at the same time durability and resilience to conditions consistent with the hat's purpose. All this at a reasonable price in perfect proportion to the quality of the products.



Downtown is a line of hats dedicated to those who are looking for top-class accessories for elegant business attire, going to a gala, opera or theater. Hats in this series are made of high-quality sheep's wool and are trimmed with elegant accessories.


This category includes more casual, as well as slightly avant-garde headwear, which may also appeal to younger customers. Certainly those who appreciate comfort and casual style. 

My way

These are hats for those who go their own way. My way is a line of outdoor hats, with superior weather resistance and great form strength. A perfect stylish accessory that will not disappoint the most demanding explorers and adventurers with its functionality. 

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