Valdorf in the lens.

Valdorf in the lens.

- Hey, that's a great hat! Where did you get it? 

- How come, after all, it's our production.

- Are you kidding? Nobody knows about it, you should sell them to everyone.

It's easy to say, but it's not at all easy to show the high quality and interesting style of products in an Internet flooded by advertising, where you can show anything in pictures, and the customer no longer believes in what he sees. 

However, we decided to find a way to do it! We organized a photo shoot in difficult conditions - the kind our hats are supposed to face. For the session we chose models who not only matched our stylistic concept, but also "were on the same wavelength". It was supposed to be natural, spontaneous and, above all, genuine. 

You are the ones to judge if we succeeded!


Kamil Paluszek is a well-known landscape and architectural photographer, with albums of sightseeing and reportage photography to his credit. Kamil comes from the region we chose as the location for the session, so he worked in his area in places he has already seen through the lens more than once. This is what we wanted. We wanted him to tell us the stories of the characters the models played and to make them real. The chemistry between the session participants played out wonderfully and the stories came together on their own. 


The first Valdorf hat session featured two experienced models.

The more serious, masculine one with a mysterious look - Michal Wojsiat, and the more crazy, always smiling romantic Misha Hanuszkiewicz.

Both gentlemen have a great sense of humor, experience in modeling and a creative approach. We all managed to find a common language when creating these photos, and in an exceptionally good atmosphere we worked hard for four days in one of the wildest corners of Poland and at our southern neighbors.


Just as in the repertoire of our hats, not all the photos were "serious," and every reason for laughter reduced the distance between the participants which resulted in new ideas. 

We have a lot of photos and you will see the guys on the pages of our store more than once, and who knows, maybe this was not our last meeting.

We would like to thank the whole team very much and invite everyone to shop with us!