A few interesting facts about the hats.

A few interesting facts about the hats.

The hat as a type of headgear is as old as our civilization. The oldest images of people wearing hats are several thousand years old and were found on the walls of the Lussac-les-Chateaux cave in central France. Since then, fashion has changed thousands of times, but among headgear a few special types of hats have become established, which we can consider classics today. In our store you will find just such classics, because they gained their popularity for a reason, offering comfort, elegance and style. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about some of the hats in our offer.

Princess Fedora

If one were to create a ranking for the most popular hat model of all time, on the close podium would certainly be the fedora - an immortal attribute of such characters as Indiana Jones, Freddy Krueger, all the famous gangsters and the detectives pursuing them, numerous film and stage stars such as Humphrey Bogart and also... the name of a free operating system based on Linux :) However, few people know under what circumstances this legendary hat was created. The word "Fedora" comes from the title of a play by Victorien Sardou, a French playwright writing in the late 19th century. The premiere of the play, which tells the fate of Princess Fedora Romazov, took place in 1882. A characteristic element of the closet of the main character, played by Sarah Bernhardt, was a soft felt hat, which soon became a fashion scream. Interestingly, hats of this type were at first seen mostly on women's heads - it was only with time that they gained enormous popularity among men as well.


Trilby O'Ferrall

Trilby O'Ferrall is an Irish émigré whose Parisian love adventures are depicted in George du Maurier's 19th century novel. The distinctive attribute of the character Trilby depicted in the theatrical adaptation of the work was a fedora-type hat with a small brim of a few centimeters, which became a hit from the day of the premiere, and the heroine's name became permanently associated with this style of headgear. Like the fedora originally for women, it became a favorite headgear of Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson. We also remember this model thanks to such characters as the Blues Brothers and Inspector Cluseau. 


Panama from Ecuador

Where does the Panama hat come from? From Panama, of course - that's the answer most people would certainly give when asked about this famous headwear model. In fact, Ecuadorian hats only passed through Panama, in the process of being exported to North America. They were also popular with the builders of the Panama Canal. Originally made from the leaves of the palm lookig trees, known as toquillales, these hats originated in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador, a country that doesn't even border Panama. 

Today, hats made from toquilla straw are listed as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage Site and are known worldwide. 


The Mad Hatter

The well-known character of the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was not just a figment of the author's imagination. The term "mad as hatter" originated in 19th-century England, specifically in the town of Denton where mercury was used in hat factories. Hat makers with symptoms of poisoning by this element gave the impression of being mad, and for many years the English language used the term "mad as hatter", literally meaning "mad as a hatter". 


Today no harmful substances are used in the production of hats, our workers make them by hand in safe conditions, and the only deviation from the norm is our crazy creativity, the effects of which can be found in the limited series of our hats.